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Update 11/07/2019

Glasgow Prestwick Airport awarded with a ‘very good’ rating from the CAA in their accessibility report.

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Update 18/02/2019

Glasgow Prestwick Airport holds annual host day for persons with reduced mobility

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Update 10/01/2019

Glasgow Prestwick Airport employees train in British Sign Language to improve passenger assistance

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Update December 2018

Dementia Friendly Prestwick – Impact Report

Glasgow Prestwick Airport Case Study



Update 20/12/18

Glasgow Prestwick Airport introduces the Ramble Tag to assist our visually impaired passengers.










Update 25/10/18

Glasgow Prestwick Airport attended the AccessAble launch on 25 October 2018.

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Update 20/03/2018


Glasgow Prestwick Airport welcomes visitors with reduced mobility, hidden and non-hidden disabilities

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Picture with CertificatesUpdate 17/10/17

Glasgow Prestwick Airport employees with their certificates after successfully completing the Dementia Friend Training delivered by Jim Baird, Alzheimer Scotland on 18 September 2017.