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Update 11/03/2020

Feedback session You Said We Did of improved access initiatives. On 11 March 2020, Glasgow Prestwick Airport welcomed key stakeholders to present our initiatives that have been worked on over the course of 3 years to support our passengers who have hidden and non-hidden disabilities. These changes to our facilities and training are a result of feedback we received during previous host events.

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Update 05/03/2020

Glasgow Prestwick Airport attended the Access For All UK Accessibility Champion Training Programme.  Two Passenger Handling Supervisor’s attended the 4-day course in Chesterfield to enhance the Airport’s in-house training to all operational staff in 5 key areas – Mobility, Sight, Hearing, Autism and Dementia.



Update 11/07/2019

Glasgow Prestwick Airport awarded with a ‘very good’ rating from the CAA in their accessibility report.

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Update 18/02/2019

Glasgow Prestwick Airport holds annual host day for persons with reduced mobility

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Update 10/01/2019

Glasgow Prestwick Airport employees train in British Sign Language to improve passenger assistance

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Update December 2018

Dementia Friendly Prestwick – Impact Report

Glasgow Prestwick Airport Case Study



Update 20/12/18

Glasgow Prestwick Airport introduces the Ramble Tag to assist our visually impaired passengers.










Update 25/10/18

Glasgow Prestwick Airport attended the AccessAble launch on 25 October 2018.

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Update 20/03/2018


Glasgow Prestwick Airport welcomes visitors with reduced mobility, hidden and non-hidden disabilities

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Picture with CertificatesUpdate 17/10/17

Glasgow Prestwick Airport employees with their certificates after successfully completing the Dementia Friend Training delivered by Jim Baird, Alzheimer Scotland on 18 September 2017.