Specialist services

Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s range of air cargo services are unique in Scotland and we are the closest airport with these capabilities for the North of England.

Scotland’s stage show and event cargo handling specialists

The airport has vast experience in the handling of large events and stage shows working with specialist freight forwarders. This cargo requires highly specialised treatment and quick turn arounds, which Glasgow Prestwick Airport has demonstrated the ability to deliver. This makes it the ideal cargo airport for stage shows and events entering or departing the UK.

Oil and gas industry

The airport has a long history of serving the air freight requirements for the local oil and gas industry, where highly specialised handling of industrial sized items and dedicated charter aircraft are required, often at short notice and with quick turnarounds.

Aircraft engines

Glasgow Prestwick Airport supports the local and UK wide aerospace industry through the effective handling and uplift of complete aero engines and aerospace components worldwide.

Net Explosive Quantity

Glasgow Prestwick Airport has a NEQ (Net Explosive Quantity) of 8,000kgs of Class 1.1. This is one of the highest capacities in the UK outside military airfields. Consequently the airport is now the prime site for the handling and movement of this specialised commodity.

Equines and Ungulates

Glasgow Prestwick Airport has experience in the handling and movement of livestock safely and humanely around the world.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport operates a border inspection post to facilitate the handling of import livestock and regularly handles shipments of equines being exported to the US and beyond.