Check in/Bag Drop

For all flights we recommend you arrive at least three hours before the flight departure time. 

When you arrive at the airport:

1.    If you have bags to check in please make your way to the baggage drop desks which are located at the front of the terminal.
2.    Have your boarding passes and passports ready for bag drop.
3.    After bag drop you can continue to security screening.

Our top travel prep tips:

  • Remember before you arrive at the airport you must check in online
  • Allow plenty of time – we recommend arriving at the airport 3 hours before your flight.
  • Plan your journey to and from the airport and allow plenty of time for unexpected delays.
  • Pack carefully, following the security information.
  • Check luggage allowances and security information for hand luggage and hold luggage, to avoid delays and repacking at check in.
  • Make sure luggage is labelled with name and contact details.
  • Check electronic devices are charged before travelling – if your device doesn’t switch on when requested, you won’t be allowed to bring it onto the aircraft.
  • Remember bag drop is the last point in which you can put any items into your hold luggage.
  • For advice on travel warnings, visas and consular services, visit the UK Government Foreign Office website.