Our Values

Safety, security & sustainability at our core

We work hard to ensure that we have the right processes, procedures and resources in place to enable us to operate efficiently, effectively and in the confidence that we are protecting our people, customers, community and partners whilst minimising our impact on the environment around us.

Passionate & people centric

We care deeply about everything we do and the people who enable us to do it – our community, partners, employees and customers. A shared passion is at the heart of our working relationships and we look to nurture, develop and harness this to increase productivity, profitability and secure our long term sustainability.

Trustworthy & straightforward

We are honest, dependable, professional and personable. We want to make interactions with our business easy and enjoyable for our customers, people, suppliers, community and shareholder.

Innovative & collaborative

A pioneering spirit led to the establishment of our airport and the aerospace industry that has developed around us. We want to build on this, to look to the future and find new ways of working as a team and with partners to make positive contributions to the economy and society as a whole. We are a business that doesn’t stand still – we want to diversify and continuously improve.

Flexible & resilient

The market we operate in is dynamic and moves rapidly and we are ready to react. We have a broad business base with a wide service offering and range of knowledge, skills and experience. Through managing and delivering many of our services inhouse, we are able to adapt to deliver a service that will help customers to meet their aims and objectives.

Guaranteeing great value

We want everyone who comes in to contact with us to feel like it was worthwhile, whether that is a passenger passing through our terminal or a colleague looking for assistance from another member of the team. We want to make sure that every penny counts, every action counts and every customer feels satisfied.