Who We Are

Glasgow Prestwick Airport was purchased by the Scottish Government in November 2013 to protect jobs and safeguard a strategic infrastructure asset. The airport operates as a commercial business at an arm’s length from the Government.

A Group Structure was put in place following the purchase of the airport. This structure includes Prestwick Aviation Holdings Limited Board, which is chaired by Willie Mackie.

Willie was appointed as Interim Chairman in February 2024 and leads a knowledgeable group of Non-Executive Directors.

In addition to the Non-Executive Directors, the airport went through a reshaping exercise that saw the creation of a new Executive team.

This team lead the day-to-day running of the airport with the view of returning the airport to a position of profit and long term sustainability.

This team is supported by approximately 290 staff who work across areas including business support, passenger handling, cargo, air traffic control, compliance, fire services and a number of other areas.