Mini bus and Coach Parking

Car Park Two

Postcode for SatNav: KA9 2PL

If pre-booking you must book 1 day in advance and maximum stay in this area is 2 hours


On arrival and departure please drive to the entry/ exit barrier where our number plate recognition system will read your vehicle number plate and lift the barrier once confirmed.

Turn up

On arrival please take a ticket at the entry barrier. Payments can be made at the car park exit barrier or at the car park pay stations prior to departure.

The coach park is situated on the upper level of car park 2 with parking on the left near the exit barriers.

  • Coach and commercial vehicle access is not permitted in Car Park 1 as the facility has a height restriction of 2.2m
  • All coach and commercial vehicles exceeding 2.2m must use Car Park 2
  • All coaches, minibuses + 12seats, limousines and mini buses with trailers that are dropping off or picking up passengers are required to use Car Park 2

(Updated prices as of 00:01 on Sunday. 24 March 2024)

Turn up price £30.00
Pre-booked price £15.00

Please note: All car parking payments are now cashless.