Facts and figures

  • Prestwick has operated as an airfield for almost 100 years
  • Glasgow Prestwick Airport directly employs in excess of 320 people
  • It supports a further 1,700 jobs through its supplier network
  • More than 4,500 jobs are supported by the airport and the surrounding Prestwick aerospace cluster.
  • The airport currently contributes £61.6 million to the Scottish economy.
  • The airport is working towards becoming one of Europe’s first spaceports. If successful this could lead to the creation of 2,000 additional jobs and generate a further £320 million for the UK economy.
  • Glasgow Prestwick is Scotland’s only rail-connected airport, with some 30% of all passengers arriving by train.
  • Glasgow Prestwick has the longest commercial runway and parallel taxiway north of Manchester, plus a second runway of 1,905 metres which means all types of aircraft can be accommodated with no requirement for future extension.
  • Current terminal capacity of 2.5 million passengers which is easily and cost effectively expandable to more than 10 million passengers.
  • Lower environmental impact than other central belt airports – air approaches to the airport are either over sea or sparsely-populated farmland.
  • No additional land is required for expansion – the airport occupies an 880-acre site with sufficient land for expansion of passenger, freight and maintenance activities.
  • Glasgow Prestwick Airport handled a single cargo load of 124 metric Tonnes onto an An225 (the biggest freighter aircraft in the world). This was the largest single cargo load ever to fly from a Scottish airport.

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