Useful contacts

For general sales and marketing enquiries regarding airport related accommodation, we would love to hear from you, please contact our property team directly:

Gillian McPherson, Commercial Property – Tenant and Marketing Manager, 01292 511 031

Email – please use our online contact form.

Fault Reporting

Our maintenance and property teams operate mainly during office hours and are based within the terminal building. In the event of maintenance being required within your premises please email a member of our Property Team.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Our emergency procedures require that all new Tenants rent at least one internal telephone line.  The emergency telephone number is linked, via an internal line to the Airport Control Tower who are responsible for co-ordinating all emergency services.  This means that in the event of an emergency help is available immediately by dialling extension number 2000.

The emergency services can also be contacted externally by phoning 01292 511199.

We have also produced an emergency assistance poster that can be displayed on your company notice which gives details of the information you will be asked to provide.

2000 Poster