General Airport Information

Airport Security

All Tenants within the airport whether in Airside or Landside accommodation will require an Airport ID pass.  If you wish to speak to someone about an ID Pass application please email or call 01292 511043.

The Security Duty Officer can be contacted on 01292 511316 (24/7)

Tenants Security Briefing

Car Parking Permits

There are a number of staff and tenant parking areas available within the airport depending on where your accommodation is located.

For further information on any aspect of car parking within the airport please contact

Waste Management

At Glasgow Prestwick Airport we are committed to reducing the volume of waste generated at the airport as well as increasing the amount of material we can recycle.

A variety of different waste streams are produced across the GPA site that are responsibly disposed of in each appropriate waste container. It is the responsibility of all tenants to comply with GPA Waste Management Policy.

All tenants should provide their own internal waste facilities for waste segregation there are however 2 options for final waste disposal.

Option 1: Use GPA waste facility and charges will be passed on, facilities must be used in line with our waste management policy and any inappropriate use of facilities will be applicable to extra charges. The charge for use of these facilities is dependent on the size of your accommodation, anticipated volume and type of waste being generated.

Option 2: Can provide their own final waste facilities as long as they are approved by GPA property managers/environmental officer, and must still comply with GPA waste management policy. Waste must always be disposed of in clear bags, this is for security reasons and also in line with the requirements of our waste contractor. All details of waste disposal can be found within the GPA waste management policy.

We work closely with our tenants to encourage the correct and safe disposal of waste.

Our waste management system is regularly reviewed and monitored with the target of increasing our mixed recycling to 50%.

We aim to keep making improvements to our waste management system so that we can continuously improve our environmental performance.


The Airport cleaning team is able to provide a wide range of hygiene services that will meet all your needs and satisfy your responsibility for the cleaning of your accommodation.

Should you wish to make use of our services, please contact us at  and we will arrange to visit your accommodation to determine the level of cleaning and services required.

Delivery of Goods

Whilst many of our tenant areas offer easy access for deliveries there are certain secure areas where deliveries need to be more tightly controlled and in some cases prior approval granted.

For further information regarding the handling of deliveries in your area please contact a member of our team directly