Five reasons to visit Gran Canaria

So, you’re thinking about where to go on holiday this year. You’re imagining the warm blast of air that hits you when you walk off the plane and into the hot temperatures of a place abroad.

Well, Glasgow Prestwick Airport has the perfect location for you to escape to – and it lies within the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria, affectionately known as the ‘miniature continent’ due to its diverse range of climates and landscapes, is a vibrant Spanish territory off the coast of north western Africa.  There are infinite reasons why Gran Canaria is a great destination to visit – with an abundance of activities available and unique sights to see – but we’ve managed to whittle them down to five.

1 – Perpetual summer

In most parts of the Canary Islands, the weather stays warm all year round.  Gran Canaria rarely drops below 20°C, even during winter, which means more days spent like this.


ice cream


2 – Sandy Beaches

Known for its wonderful rugged coast lines and white sandy beaches, the popular Playa de las Canteras is described as a giant aquarium with no walls.  This gorgeous location is favoured by surfers, swimmers and those wishing to catch some glorious rays of sunshine and stunning views.


3 – Friendly sea life

The Canary Islands’ waters are home to a huge variety of sea creatures, including around one third of the world’s whale and dolphin species.  You may even be lucky enough to come face to face with a sea turtle – these sea critters are rumoured to be very friendly and playful by the divers around the island.


swim with turtles final


4 – Shop, eat and drink

Vegueta is the old town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Colourful buildings adorned with beautiful balconies, and cafés, bars and restaurants a-plenty, allow for sensational sights and for fine dining washed down with mouth-watering cocktails.

In contrast to the narrow and ancient streets of Vegueta, the slightly more modern Triana sits alongside it.  This busy commercial boulevard is ideal for shopping and caters to everyone’s tastes.


5 – Nightlife

Experience the nightlife in Las Canteras – one of the more populated of the Canary Islands.  Whether you like the clubbing scene, concerts or simply strolling around absorbing the stunning sights, you won’t be out of ideas here.


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