World’s largest aircraft touches down at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Monday 03 August, 17:53 Europe/London

Yesterday, 02 August 2020, Glasgow Prestwick airport welcomed the world’s largest aircraft – the Antonov 225 Mriya (AN-225).

The Ukrainian aircraft – that is powered by six engines, has the largest wing span of any commercial aircraft and maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes – landed at 14:49 to refuel before departing at 16:30 to continue on its journey.

A Glasgow Prestwick Airport spokesperson said;

“We were delighted to welcome the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov 225, to the airport on Sunday, 02 August 2020.

“Our location, long runway and our highly qualified and experienced team makes us an excellent facility for trans-Atlantic fuel stops.  The AN-225 stopped briefly at Prestwick to refuel before departing on schedule.

“It was great to see this magnificent aircraft at the airport once again and we look forward to its return in the future.”