Glasgow Prestwick Airport welcomes visitors with reduced mobility, hidden and non-hidden disabilities

Tuesday 20 March, 17:10 Europe/London

Glasgow Prestwick Airport was host to its second annual event for people with reduced mobility, hidden and non-hidden disabilities. Guests from all over Ayrshire enjoyed a guided tour of our facilities focusing on the delivery of our special assistance service. The occasion provided an opportunity for our visitors to let us know their views on aspects where we are doing well and other areas where we can improve.IMG_4197

Our invited guests were welcomed over a breakfast briefing before being accompanied around the airport by a member of our dedicated special assistance team.

Many of the visitors were new to the airport, some of whom were apprehensive about flying so our goal was to show them that air travel is accessible to everyone.

The guided tour focused on the full passenger experience from arriving at the airport via our railway station or car park to checking in and moving through security’s central search.  From there we entered our departure lounge, on to the boarding gates to finally embark a Ryanair aircraft.  Our special assistance team demonstrated that we can deliver stair free passenger boarding at Glasgow Prestwick Airport through the use of our Aviramp and Ambulift services.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our guests, the local councils, Dementia Friendly Prestwick and our partners from Ryanair for making the host event a success. The feedback we received will help better our services and we look forward to delivering an improved travelling experience for all our special assistance passengers.

Here are some of the comments we received on the day:

Douglas Osborne of East Ayrshire said: Mr Osborne

“By attending this event it has opened up what is possible f or myself and other people who are also visually impaired.  It has shown me the best way to travel. I appreciate the Airport’s recognition to help customers like myself.”





Liz Marsden, North Ayrshire added:

“This is the only Airport that I know of where all the staff are fully trained in Special Assistance. As I am visually impaired, communication between myself and the staff is extremely important. I would like to thank everyone involved for the excellent morning.”



Speaking of the event, Jane Thomson, Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s Landside Operations Manager said:

“For us, at Glasgow Prestwick Airport, it is important to continuously assess our facilities and services to ensure that we are delivering the very best for our passengers as well as keeping to the standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

“This host event offered an excellent opportunity for the airport to demonstrate to our guests how easy it is to travel through Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

“We received excellent feedback from our guests and we are continuing to make the necessary changes to help with a smooth arrival and departure for our special assistance passengers.

If you are travelling from Glasgow Prestwick Airport and require special assistance please complete our enquiry form or call 01292 511000.