Tighter EU Border Control causes major airport delays

Wednesday 09 August, 16:18 Europe/London

Airlines including Ryanair have issued statements to alert passengers of the delays expected at Border Control throughout the EU.

Passengers are advised that due to tighter passport checks being carried out, larger queues are to be expected at passport control with some holiday makers having to wait up to four hours of standstill traffic to get through immigration.

The problem is due to the introduction of tighter European Union-introduced border controls in Schengen, the border-free area that incorporates most EU member states.  This came after the Paris and Brussels terror attacks with new rules demanding that both entry and exit checks on passengers should be carried out from countries – including Britain – outside the 26-nation Schengen border-free zone.

airport delays

Ryanair said operations were running as normal – although the airline is asking passengers to check in three hours before takeoff.

Although the government have been urged to ensure EU states adequately staff their airports, we would strongly recommend that all passengers travelling within the EU don’t risk getting caught out and arrive at the airport with plenty of time should delays take place.