Reach the city of Rzeszow in Poland with Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Wednesday 12 April, 12:00 Europe/London

new route Rzeszow


It’s back!  Glasgow Prestwick Airport to Rzeszow – the only route of its kind available in Scotland.  That means it’s exclusive to us!

Pronounced Shess-off, this atmospheric city should be enjoyed by all.  With its welcoming charm, friendly ambiance and pleasing views it’s certainly a must for the diary, especially in the winter months.

Take a walk around the old town of Rzeszow, filled with medieval style buildings and cafes where you can have your pick at some local delicacies as well as European and world cuisine.  There is also a very satisfying street of shops for you to enjoy as you make your way towards the central square.

The central square is a very popular attraction due to the many medieval styled town houses which now serve as bars, cafes and a casino.   Be sure to check out the town hall – its pastel shades and colourful backlights complement this architecture brilliantly.  It is just simply stunning.  Those of you who like a little retail therapy, the Millennium Hall – a very modern shopping centre – should not be missed.

If history is more your thing, why not explore the underground tourist route which runs under the tenement houses and Market Square.


Rzeszow new route1


Why not make it a festive trip and travel during the yuletide season? This place will blow you away with its wealth of festive décor.  The Polish markets have specific character and are often set up in beautifully decorated Market Squares filled with glistening lights and striking medieval buildings.   You can find unique handmade gifts, keepsakes, traditional food – heated and ready to eat – as well as warm mulled wine and so much more.  You could say it’s Christmas card pretty!

Whether it’s a long weekend, a week’s holiday or just simply travelling for tourism, then make sure you don’t miss this wonderful destination.  With an array of buildings, museums and the very beautiful Rzeszow Castle you will not be disappointed.

Return flights to Rzeszow departing Saturday 11 November, returning Tuesday 14 November for just £55pp*

Return flights to Rzeszow departing Tuesday 5 December, returning Saturday 9 December for just £72pp*


*Prices correct at time of publication