Policies, performance and improving access


Disabled People’s Protection Policy – Making Rail Accessible at Prestwick International Railway Station


We report on our performance against CAA passengers with reduced mobility standards on a six monthly basis.

Improving access

Update 20/03/2018

Glasgow Prestwick Airport welcomes visitors with reduced mobility, hidden and non-hidden disabilities (Read our Article)

Glasgow Prestwick Airport event highlights access for the disabled

Update 17/10/17

Picture with Certificates

Glasgow Prestwick Airport employees with their certificates after successfully completing the Dementia Friend Training delivered by Jim Baird, Alzheimer Scotland on 18 September 2017.


Update 21/10/16

Glasgow Prestwick Airport host morning for people with sensory impairments (Read our article)

Glasgow Prestwick Airport – taking care of every single passenger (Daily Record article)

Visually impaired passengers give Glasgow Prestwick Airport the thumbs up (Daily Record article)

Glasgow Prestwick Airport host afternoon for Mainstay Trust Charity group (Read our article)


Update 10/10/16

After meeting with all Ayrshire Councils we are pleased to announce Glasgow Prestwick Airport will be hosting a familiarisation event with local disability groups on Tuesday 18 October 2016.  We are looking forward to making this event a success.


Update 13/07/16

Glasgow Prestwick Airport are in contact with South Ayrshire Council Sensory Impairment Team and have been invited to attend an all Ayrshire Councils meeting run by the Sensory Impairment Team being held this July.

Through attending this meeting we are looking to make active engagement with local disability groups and we are planning to host them for a familiarisation event at the Airport later this year.  Our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to travel by air even when they think that due to a disability that flying is not something for them.