Passenger Screening

Security body scanners are now common in UK airports, reflecting the Government’s current assessment of the risk to aviation in the UK.   All customers and staff at Glasgow Prestwick Airport will pass through a security scanner.


Security body scanners at UK airports use millimetre wave technology and are therefore safe for all of our customers, including children, babies and pregnant woman.

The MHRA advises that: “If you have an implanted pacemaker, ICD or neurostimulator you are safe to use airport security body scanners. For further information relating to your own specific implanted device please contact your local cardiac centre, doctor or the manufacturer of your device”.


Scanners at UK airports use Automatic Threat Recognition software (ATR). This ensures that customers’ privacy is respected. No image of the customer’s body is created or stored. All processing is done electronically, with no intervention by a human screener. It is not possible to save, copy, or transfer data.

Alternative Screening Method

An alternative screening method is available should the customer opt out of being screened by the scanner. This will involve at least a private search. The ‘private search’ is a more extensive hand-search than the ‘pat-down’ search, and is conducted in a private room in the presence of two Security Officers; it may involve the loosening and/or removal of clothing.

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