Glasgow Prestwick Tartan

Thursday 06 April, 16:01 Europe/London

Happy Tartan Day!

GPA - tartan

In celebration of this day, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our official Glasgow Prestwick Airport tartan.

Created by award winning designer Judy R Clark – who is famed for her hand tailored designs – our tartan has been developed with our brand colours in mind.

Kirsten Sweeney, Communications and Marketing Manager, said: “With colour, we had the opportunity to make a connection with the surrounding environment and create something that has a link to the Ayrshire community and beyond.

“We took reference from the landmarks, coastline, valleys and hills of Ayrshire. We also researched colours that reflected the scenery and heritage of Scotland. Using those reference points, we pushed the palette to take on a more contemporary feel.”

The design will be used in various ways –   built-in to our corporate gifts for business customers and will be included in our marketing materials.

The tartan was officially registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans.

Tartan Day Scotland traditionally starts April 6 and runs for a full ten days.  This event is held all over Scotland as well as other countries where there is a large Scottish community.