Glasgow Prestwick Airport rated ‘very good’ in CAA accessibility reports, landing in the top six in the UK.

Monday 14 August, 09:00 Europe/London

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published reports yesterday that assesses the top 30 UK airports on the quality of assistance they provide to passengers with a disability.

The quality of assistance airports provide to disabled people and those with reduced mobility is the focus of the new performance report by the CAA.

The new framework was introduced by the CAA in order to ensure there is a consistent and high quality service for disabled passengers and those with reduced mobility across UK airports. It will also help the CAA identify dips in performance so that they can act quickly and work with airports to ensure that the issues are addressed effectively.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport works hard to ensure the delivery of the CAA expectations and make every passenger that makes their way through the airport have a stress free and enjoyable experience.

The airport has made investments in top ground support equipment such as an aviramp and ambulift that allows passengers with reduced mobility to make their way through the airport and onto the aircraft without having to use a step at any point of their journey.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s passenger handling team actively engage with people with various special requirements and invite passengers with anxiety towards travelling into the airport to give them an insight into what is to be expected in order for them to relax about their journey.

Speaking about this service, Jane Thomson, Glasgow Prestwick Airports Landside Operations Manager said:

“As an organisation, we continuously strive on making our services as sleek as possible.

“With air travel being a concern for many of our passengers with different disabilities including hidden disabilities, inviting them in to experience first-hand what is expected of them at the airport relieves feeling of anxiety and allows them to feel confident about undertaking their actual journey when it comes.

“The feedback that we receive from these visits is invaluable in making the necessary changes that may be required to ensure that every passenger has the best possible experience when travelling through Glasgow Prestwick Airport”.

Jules Matteoni, Glasgow Prestwick Airports Operations Director said:

“Glasgow Prestwick Airport is committed to accessibility and we pride ourselves on being one of the easiest airports in the United Kingdom for people with reduced mobility to navigate.

“We will invest where required to ensure that we deliver the best service possible for all of our passengers and to improve the customer experience.

“With a high demand for wheelchair assistance – being around 1,400 passengers per year – it is critical that we possess the very best equipment to ensure that our passengers experience a safe and step-free service from any point of arrival all the way to the aircraft seat.