Glasgow Prestwick Airport – delivering a safe service for our passengers

Tuesday 12 September, 10:40 Europe/London

Glasgow Prestwick Airport has once again been recognised for going above and beyond in its efforts to ensure the welfare and safety of our customers.

Appearing on ITV’s Tonight programme – Fight or Flight? The Drunken Truth on Thursday 31 August. Security Operations Manager, Kate Kilgour spoke of the importance of pre-flight intervention and giving our customers the reassurance that we are doing our utmost to prevent drunken disruptive behaviour.

Kate STV


Kate said:

“Tommy’s role is basically being out the front within the terminal as people get off the buses and trains.  He has an early interaction, he makes good rapport with the people as they come off and basically sets the ground rules for behaviour.  No foul language. Watch what you’re drinking. We want to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

“Hiring stewards such as Tommy to come in and keep a watchful eye on passengers who are drinking alcohol before getting on their flight takes the pressure away from security staff who are there to ensure that every passenger gets through the airport safely and securely.

“Our main priority as airport security is to focus on our work around the airport and at the security area between check in and departure gates. We are specially trained to prevent dangerous items and people making their way through the security systems – not to have our eye taken off the ball by disruptive behaviour caused by under the influence customers.”

With the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recording a 600% increase in disruptive passenger incidents in the past four years, and Police forces throughout the UK logging 900 arrests in the last year due to drunken and/or violent behaviour, it was crucial that Glasgow Prestwick Airport put procedures in place to avert such occurrences happening within our establishment.

Speaking to Tommy, Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s steward:

“The message that we want to get across to people is – we know you’re going on holiday and want to enjoy yourself as soon as you get to the airport however, be aware of kids and families around you and to be respectful and thoughtful of others.

Since Tommy has been employed back in 2015, the airport has seen a vast reduction in disruptive behaviour and working closely with a range of partners including airline customers, concessionaires and the Police, there has also been less incidents in the air.


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