weather10C/50F  Local Time  22:17
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Arrivals Departures
Time Flight No# Airline Arriving From Status
2150FR7843RyanairMURCIALanded 2141
2215FR692RyanairALICANTELanded 2210
2340FR7824RyanairBARCELONA EL PRATExpected 2322,Estimado 2322
1110FR6254RyanairGRAN CANARIA
1610FR654RyanairTENERIFE STH
Last updated : 22:14

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@Fritteratti It should be re-opening within the next couple of days but we will be able to confirm this.
@Fritteratti Sorry for the inconvenience, due to unforeseen circumstances our spectators gallery has had to close. Website is now updated.
@01cotaylor Are you able to tell me which flight you would like more information on and I will be able to inform you of it's departure time?