Allow Glasgow Prestwick Airport to assist you

Friday 03 March, 16:38 Europe/London

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is continuously striving to ensure that all procedures meet the regulations of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) as well as ensuring employees operate in an optimum environment in terms of Health and Safety.

Previously, staff have assisted passengers with reduced mobility by pushing wheelchairs unaided through the airport. As this is a common need it was imperative that we found a solution to both assist with the passenger’s journey and to protect staff from a manual handling injury.

With some thorough research, Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s Landside Operations Manager, Jane Thomson, discovered the TGA power packs – a heavy duty twin wheel power pack which attaches to any wheelchair to stop the need to push the chair but instead to merely assist.


The power packs will not only assist with the transportation of passengers with reduced mobility, but will also play an important role in the operation of getting the wheelchair onto the airport’s ambulift platform, as well as easing the uphill climb of the aviramp – which are both used for the easy boarding of passengers who may require assistance.

The power packs have a range of 9 miles in each battery and the battery packs are easily removable for charging.

Speaking to Jane Thomson about the new equipment she said:

“Glasgow Prestwick Airport endeavour to make all operations as safe as possible.

“Reducing the risk of injuries to our staff is one of our key objectives and, with the purchase of the TGA power packs, we believe that we have made a long-term investment for both our passengers and our staff.